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Investing for retirement

It's so important to save for your retirement. Putting as much as you can invest into a pension plan as soon as you can gives you a much better chance of having the retirement you want.

A pension is a way of investing for your retirement. As the government is keen to encourage us all to put money away for our retirement, they've made pensions tax efficient and you can benefit from basic rate tax relief on your payments.
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Occupational Pensions

An Occupational or workplace pension scheme can offer advantages and benefits to both employers and individual employees alike.

Individuals and Employees

Fast Pension are able to provide you with a cost-efficient, transparent pension that is simple to understand. We provide the ideal vehicle for planning your retirement and providing you with the retirement lifestyle you seek. With the Fast Pensions the days of complicated, expensive, underperforming pensions are a thing of the past.
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The workplace and Automatic Enrolment.

The government has introduced a new law to make it easier for people to save for their retirement and encourage an overall increase in retirement savings. This is to ensure that all individuals have more to live on in later life than just their State Pension.

Starting from October 2012, millions of workers will be enrolled into a workplace pension by their employer. If you’re enrolled, you, your employer and the government will pay into it.
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